Dumpster Rental

Terms And Conditions

1. Should this account upon default, be collected by or through an attorney at law, or a certified collection agency, the undersigned agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s and collections fees, in addition to the indebtedness thereon ____

2. Purchaser agrees to examine all invoices/tickets needed promptly up receipt and to notify servicer (Ecobox Recycling Inc) immediately of any failure of delivery, shortage, or error, and further agrees that such invoices shall be presumed correct unless he/she notifies servicer in writing of such failure of delivery, shortage, discrepancy or error within his/her receipt. Ecobox must be provided any Permits before the pickup date. Permits cannot be printed on the ticket without advanced notice. Permits must be given prior to ordering the debris box. Please be advised that any ticket request must be made within 30 days. Any request for tickets after 30 days will be $5/ticket. ____


3. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS/BANNED SUBSTANCES: The lessee/renter agrees that they shall not dump any hazardous materials, food waste, or liquid waste, Pesticides, Paint or Paint Thinner, Lead, Fluorescent lights, Medical Waste, Asbestos, Gasoline, Insecticides, Propane tanks, Poisons, or Motor oil. Renters agree that hazardous materials/food waste etc are subject to disposal fees set by transfer stations, and take monetary responsibility for spills/clean-up costs, fees or penalties in pursuant to the requirements of the California Hazardous Substances Tax Law.  ____


4. Do Not Overfill Boxes: Do Not place materials above the sides of the debris box. The material must be flush and to not exceed the ‘water fill line’. A minimum $25 fee will be applied if the box is overfilled. Some overfilled boxes must be cleared before pick-up can be scheduled. Extra day charges will still accrue if debris boxes cannot be cleared by the last rental day ____


5. Subject to Evaluation: Mixed Debris boxes may contain mixed solid construction material and no dirt/gravel or inert. Wood boxes may not contain any other material than wood. Inert boxes may not contain any residual waste. Any load is subject to evaluation upon arrival by the transfer station. If the box is deemed “dirty” a full mixed debris price will incur. Renter will be notified if there is any change to the evaluation of the material thereof. All loads shall be either recycled or destroyed according to city ordinates/codes of regulations. All materials are evaluated and scaled by the recycling station. ____

6. MAX WEIGHT LIMIT/SURCHARGES: Please be advised, customers that exceed the maximum weight limit will be charged $100/ton for an overage surcharge. Any Tires, Sofas, and Mattresses are subject to a surcharge at a rate of at least $25ea. Tractor tires/large tires are a minimum of $120 each. A receipt will be sent via email. Oversized Load $35/ton in addition to flat-rate [Jacuzzis, tree trunks, trailers, etc]. No cars, vehicles or boats. All Appliances $50 extra. Materials are weighed at transfer stations on a certified scale, with a gross and tare weight for accuracy. ____


​7. Rental Period: Box Rental is 7 days. There is a $25 fee for every additional day. Pick-up, drop-offs are via appointment; If you need more days, please call ahead of time. Pick up is exactly a week from drop-off date unless otherwise notified. Early pick up must be made 24 hours in advance to date, and 48 hours in advance over the weekends. ____


​8. Dry Run Charge: Please leave debris bin unobstructed on the day of pick up and allow enough room for safe pick up. Any gates codes should be notified prior to pick up confirmation. If the pick-up date of your debris box needs to change, please call our office 24hr before the scheduled pickup date.  If a driver is en-route to pick-up the debris bin and is unable to, due to a last-minute schedule change or blocked clearance, a minimum of $75 DRY RUN FEE will be added to cover hauling expenses. ____

9. Liability: By agreeing to this rental, Purchaser/Customer agrees to take full responsibility for any damage that may be caused to driveways, asphalt, lawns, sidewalks, etc. We recommend laying down plywood down on the area the box will be placed. Purchaser agrees that any additional damages to debris box including warping, scratching, and bending caused by heavy equipment use, will be implied as a debt upon the purchaser. Eco box Recycling INC is released of all liability including bodily injury or damage while the box is in possession of the lessee.  ____

Standard Boxes: Mixed Construction Debris, metal, wood, plastic, appliances, furniture, yard waste.

NO dirt, concrete, palm tree, paint, food, liquid or medical/hazardous waste allowed.

Hazardous waste will be subject to fines.


10 Yard Box 16L x 8W x 2 H     Max Weight 2 Tons

20 Yard Box 14L x 8W x 5H      Max Weight 3 Tons     

30 Yard Box 16L x 8W x 5.5      Max Weight 4 Tons       

40 Yard Box 22L x 8W x 6.5H   Max Weight 5 Tons


10 Yard Clean Concrete Only Boxes: No dirt residue, asphalt residue, tile, brick attachments, painted concrete, & pavers.


10 Yard Dirt: Clean Only Boxes: Dirt ONLY, no big rocks, tiles, bricks, & green waste

Max Weight 10 tons


10 Yard Mixed Inert Only boxes: No trash, mud, plastics, wood, etc

Max Weight 10 tons


Clean Wood Only Boxes: Scrap lumber, pallets, plywood only, light branches only

No treated wood [fence wood posts], trash, concrete, large metal hinges, large logs, green waste, or painted wood allowed. May contain nails. 

Max Weight 5 tons


Green Waste Only Box: Mulch, wood chips, branches, leaves, bushes, stumps/ logs no bigger than 8” diameter,  

No trash, concrete, sod, dirt, palm trees, or oversized logs allowed. Palm Trees are subject to extra charges. 

Max Weight 5 tons



By placing your order, you are made aware and agree to all of the terms listed above.


ECO BOX RECYCLING provides dumpster service in the following areas:

San Jose, San Martin, Los Altos Hills, Belmont, Burlingame, East Palo Alto, Fremont, Hayward, Hillsborough, Menlo Park, Morgan Hill County, Redwood City, San Carlos, and Woodside.

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