Debris Box Rental

We drop it off and you load it.
10, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard dumpsters available for 7 day rental.
We have dumpsters for all of your residential and commercial home,
bathroom, and kitchen remodeling projects.

ECOBOX Coverage Area

Ecobox Coverage Area Map

Please note: Some cities have exclusive franchised agreements with existing vendors. Outside vendors may not service these areas. Please always call to check with our customer service providers to see
if your location is covered!

Types of Debris Boxes


Standard Box – Mixed construction
debris, metal, wood, plastic, appliances, furniture, yard waste. No dirt, concrete, or hazardous material allowed.
Extra Charges: Mattress/Box Springs/Couches = $25/each and Tires = $10/each.

Clean Concrete Only Box – Clean
concrete only. No dirt, re-bar or wire.

Wood Only Box – Scrap lumber, pallets, plywood (no painted or treated wood).

Green Waste Only Box – Mulch,
wood-chips, leaves, branches no bigger than 2″ in diameter. No sod, dirt, palms, or logs allowed.

Metal Only Box – Metal debris only.

ECOBOX Rental Agreement

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